What acoustics do we live in
The sound of even the most beautiful branded dynamic heads (speakers) without a case, as well as the measured technical characteristics, is absolutely not impressive ... But this circumstance can…

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Christine Linklater Voice Release
The exercises of this system are aimed at releasing the voice from tension, at developing and strengthening it, primarily as a human instrument and as an actor’s tool. It is,…

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The music of the ancients. Primeval music
The origin of the word "music" is known to everyone: from the Greek "art of muses." But the question of how this type of art arose was controversial in the…

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About the direction of the microphone. Microphone directivity

By the angle of sound pickup or directivity, we mean the zone of the possible location of the source of the sound signal, inside of which there is no significant loss in microphone efficiency.

The direction of the microphone is the sensitivity of the microphone to sound, depending on the direction or angle from which the sound comes.

Microphones use several directivity characteristics. Usually they are depicted in the form of polar diagrams, in order to graphically display the sensitivity variations in the 360 ​​degree zone around the microphone, taking the microphone as the center of the circle, and putting the reference point of the angle in front of the microphone.

The radiation pattern shows the dependence of the sensitivity of the microphone to the sound signal on the location of its source.

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Prelude. About Prelude

Prelude (from lat. Prae … – before and ludus – game) – a short piece of music that does not have a strict form. At the time of its inception, the prelude always preceded the longer, more complex and strictly formalized work (hence the name), but subsequently the composers began to write preludes as independent works. Ostinato is often found in preludes; in general, preludes are similar in style to improvisation.

Prelude is an old genre and, at the same time, unusually sensitive to the latest requirements of the time, allowing many author’s decisions and interpretations. His fate is unusual: having arisen in the 15th century, the word “prelude” itself has repeatedly changed its meaning. Initially, this was a small instrumental introduction to some composition, sometimes written in advance, but most often improvised directly during the performance. Not constrained by the strict framework of the rules, it prepared the mood of the future play and at the same time allowed the performer to demonstrate inventiveness and virtuosity.

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Musical notation. About musical notation

Musical notation is an ordered set of musical notation symbols designed to convey some musical material in writing.

Musical notation – a system of graphic characters used to record music. Each of the well-known notation systems has its own set of musical notes, differing in form and names.

A note (Latin nota – sign) is a conventional graphic sign located on a stave (a bearer, as the five lines are sometimes called, on which notes are recorded) and indicating the pitch and relative duration of a sound.

Often the term “note” is used to mean sound. So, “sound up” and “note up” can be perceived as one and the same.

Now, it is impossible to imagine that there was a time when there was no musical recording in the world and music was transmitted only verbally. The urgent need to find a way to preserve musical tunes has led to the creation of musical notation.
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Fundamentals of psychoacoustics. Interesting features of psychoacoustics
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