Effects for sound processing. Composition processing
This article discusses the principles of operation of various devices designed for sound processing. About how and in which cases it is correct and it is necessary to use them…

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About mechanical sound recording
A mechanical sound recording is based on cutting (or extruding) grooves in the material of a recording medium using a sound recording device — a recorder. When playing along the…

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What is pop music
Estrada is a type of stage art that implies both a separate genre and a synthesis of genres: singing, dance, original performance, circus art, illusions. Pop music is a form…

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The advent of electronic music

Electronic music owes its birth precisely to experiments with sound. Experiments with sound, or rather with sound vibrations, were essentially closer to science than to music. But it was precisely this experimental scientific work that was the beginning.

The coordinate system starts from zero. The decimal count starts with one. Two points of view that contradictory debate among themselves – when does the next century begin, 2000 or 2001? We will not find out the truth. I just want to share with you some discussions on the topic of modern electronic music, music of the late XX century, and music of this century.

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What acoustics do we live in

The sound of even the most beautiful branded dynamic heads (speakers) without a case, as well as the measured technical characteristics, is absolutely not impressive … But this circumstance can only be bewildering for beginners. We all understand well that a speaker without a box is just like a string without a guitar. The role of this box is so great that they gave it their serious name – acoustic design. And only a harmonious combination of good heads with a well-built acoustic design as a result ensures a decent sound quality of the speaker system (AC). This inevitably leads to the thought of a significant influence on the sound properties of the room itself, in which the music is played.

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About the direction of the microphone. Microphone directivity

By the angle of sound pickup or directivity, we mean the zone of the possible location of the source of the sound signal, inside of which there is no significant loss in microphone efficiency.

The direction of the microphone is the sensitivity of the microphone to sound, depending on the direction or angle from which the sound comes.

Microphones use several directivity characteristics. Usually they are depicted in the form of polar diagrams, in order to graphically display the sensitivity variations in the 360 ​​degree zone around the microphone, taking the microphone as the center of the circle, and putting the reference point of the angle in front of the microphone.

The radiation pattern shows the dependence of the sensitivity of the microphone to the sound signal on the location of its source.

By direction, there are three main types of microphones: Continue reading

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